Moon Over Monsters

A modern day fantasy for all ages. About a girl, a dragon and an elfin prince -

Christina's Chronicles Book 1

What would you do if you discovered a secret world? A world that common sense told you could never exist.

Christina Casey didn’t know what was happening. When the dreams started, they were quick glimpses of a snow-covered forest, but later they had morphed into something so much more. She was caught in the turmoil of a fantasy world where wars were being threatened and dragons soared. In her dreams, she could smell the fresh pine and feel the wintery breeze in her hair as she became a voyeur into the life of a strange boy, who dressed in black and wielded a sword. The visions were real, they felt real, and when the stench from the dragon hit Christina’s senses as it lunged for the boy… reaching through time and space, Christina’s scream echoed through the clearing. The boy, distracted, turned to face her … their eyes met and … she woke.

If your fate was to die for strangers, would you try to change it?