Agent Ward Novels

The adventure begins with Living Lies. Book 1 of the Agent Ward Novels

Melanie Ward is a strong female character who excels at her job but is a little vulnerable when it comes to her personal life. This series is a Mashup of of action/adventure romance and comedy.

Book 1 Living Lies
Book 2 Second Chance
Book 3 Heat Wave
Book 4 Chase
Book 5 Shock Wave

Shock Wave

Now Available!

SHOCK WAVE – Book 5 of the Agent Ward Novels
Having escaped death, Agent Melanie Ward leaves the Agency to start a new life with Adam. But once again trouble finds her. While Senator Hugh Parker maneuvers his downfall to his advantage, Melanie is faced with obstacles that will send shock waves!

Moon Over Monsters

A modern day fantasy for all ages.
About a girl, a dragon and an elfin prince –

If your fate was to die for strangers, would you try to change it?

  • “The whole series has me being anti-social because I can’t stop reading!”

    Lisa Slovis Mandel

  • “A heart pounding, breathtaking, roller coaster of emotions book.
    Kate Mathis is a genius writer, even if her cliffhangers are evil.!”


  • “The plots are always exciting and suspenseful.
    Kate Mathis, you are a master of the cliffhanger.!”

    Shelby Welch

  • “Enjoyed very much. Can’t wait to read book 2. You have a winner in Melanie. Strong character. Look forward to reading more.. addictive!”



  • “Coupled with star crossed love makes for a riveting story that I couldn’t put down. You’ll enjoy her books a lot.”



  • “This is a great book with lots of action and a close look into the human heart.
    I didn’t want to put it down and didn’t want it to end.”



  • “Action packed and awesome!”

    By snnstrdva

    By snnstrdva